Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving – We run the very best, with two Trotec Speedy Series CO2 Lasers and the latest generation Keyence Hybrid Laser. We are one of less than 10 contract shops in the Country with this Keyence Hybrid laser. In a nutshell, the CO2 can do anything but metal, whereas the Hybrid can mark metals and sometimes is better for plastics. When precision is key, our Keyence can mark down to 5µm, to compare a human hair is ~70µm; this allows for medical and pharmaceutical grade equipment to be handled with precision and care.

  • Top-Tier Equipment
  • Capable of Engraving 5µm
  • Extra Large Bed Sizes for CO2
  • Wide Variety of Compatible Materials
  • True 3D Fiber Laser w/ Distance Scanner and Intelligent Shape Processing

Engraving Material Chart

Our Hybrid Laser is the same as Fiber on the chart, Flexx is irrelevant on the chart.