DTF/Screen Printing

DTF/Screen Printing – DTF meaning Direct-to-Film is the newest latest/greatest technology that will end up modernizing screen printing. DTF’s advantages are that it is full CMYK+W (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black + White), meaning that prints are not limited to how many colors the press supports, there are unlimited colors and no price surcharges. Additionally, there are no minimums for DTF, if you need a teams worth of jerseys with an individual’s name on each, DTF fully supports this. We also have the ability to store DTF transfers, to be able to support rapid processing when you need it. Lastly, DTF is rated at 50 washes, the best in the industry, whereas screen printing is rated at ~30 washes.

• Best Longevity in the Business

• Full CMYK+W Color Support without Surcharges

• No Minimums, One-Offs and Team Names are Supported

• Ability to Store Film for Rapid Future Processing